Ten links I love

Ten links I love






Hello sweethearts and happy Tuesday. As I did a couple of weeks ago, I want to share ten links that I love this week, this idea contemplates different things I found interesting, useful, inspiring and most importantly worthy of sharing. Here you will find a rainbow of different cute things I’m obsessed with lately from recipes, to DIY projects and great buys in decor,etc.

  1. To start with, I love the effect that a statement manicure adds to any outfit, and particularly love this orange tone, while most people like to settle for more conventional colors during Fall season, I can’t avoid to feel like a little dash of those happy summer days with this pop up color in my hands.
  2. Since living in Europe for over six months now, my Cheese interest has grown and expand rapidly, it’s amazing the different kinds you will find in any food street market so this example of a cheese plate came really handy for those cozy nights in hosting friends.
  3. Lately I have been shopping for a fur blanket I want to add to my bed, while living in New York, I used to have a very cozy one from Restoration Hardware, and now I need a new one, I love how much it adds to any space, a couch or even a chair.
  4. Because 2015 is going by so fast and I can’t believe that I’m already getting a Christmas wish list together, I found these collections of 2016 Agendas by ShopBando incredibly cute and useful, and what a great Christmas present to start thinking about.
  5. I found myself reading a lot during the weekend, and my latest piece of article that blew my mind is this one from the talented and beautiful Esther Houston, MissWhoo her interpretation of a church and her relationship with God just read my mind and I can share her ideals one hundred percent, a must read!
  6. Amazing tips to organize your accessories in the most stylish way possible.
  7. Because it’s fall and because that means that it’s also pumpkin season, this DIY by the incredible Erika Brechtel just took my breath away, I’m totally doing this with my pump inks this year!
  8. Sometimes you just have to look at pictures of pretty shoes, take a look at my folder CHOO in my Pinterest for your daily doses of shoe heaven. These cuties are from Kate Spade.
  9. Because Halloween is very soon, and because sometimes you don’t have time to buy a costume, here is a marvelous idea for that last minute Halloween party, by the amazing and creative mind Sarah Sherman Samuel.

There you go, I hope you guys like these links, remember to click on each picture to go to the original source. Have a wonderful Tuesday everybody! Xoxo.

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  1. November 26, 2015 / 15:31

    Love all of these! Thanks for sharing! P.S. All of your photos are absolutely amazing! xx, adaatude.com

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