These days inspired by

These days inspired by

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So many things happen in such a small amount of time. I can’t believe I have stayed for six moths already in Santiago, and it could be more. I miss many things about New York and I’m slowly falling in love with others here.  I’m lucky to have expats friends to laugh with about many little silly things that we sometimes can’t understand about the culture (In a good way) and lucky to be close to Mum and Dad. Finding inspiration is a continuous process for me, and it can come from many different ways .

I have a thing for skulls (that my sister thinks is really creepy ), but I love adding that edgy look to a classic space with one of those, especially if it is gold like this pretty one.

Clapping my hands after the runway show, I fell in love with this stunning look and the wonderful finishes of the skirt by Michael Kors. The braids also looked stunning on the models, it made me want to try it all summer long.

Hosting is one of the things I really miss, since I’m here, I’m adoring everything that is happening on this gorgeous table, one of the things I like is the intimacy and mystique romance of gathering and this image prove all of those things.

My graphic eye is always in constant hunger. I love to find things that touch my heart, and that make me feel the person who designed them is somehow kind of my soul mate. I love this incredible design for Prada.

When I created WithoutLipstick I wanted to have a place where I could have all the things I love. And I never pictured it as a platform where I would just update pictures of myself in pretty clothes. I wanted to be more than that! Yes I love fashion! but when I look around I see so much beauty in the world, and I want to be able to capture that as well, because that is my inspiration and motivation to be in the design industry, the fact that we can create beauty, and live beautifully. Xoxo

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