New Year’s resolutions

c010407a2240bffe4c5d71275f39d0c1That moment when you start writing a bank document and have to fill up the date and suddenly you realized is January 2014, fourteen! It is very usual to hear expressions as time goes so fast, or I can’t believe I just turn this age.

With our life style, routine and work it seems that every time is more defiant to track the course of time, and many things we have planned for our lives seems to get getting dusty in some drawer of our mind. I want things for me to happen this year, I want to experience new things, I want to do things for others and make improvements in my life.

I’m moving to another country this 2014, and to be honest I feel curious about this new chapter, I wonder how it will make me feel, how is going to change my life style, and though I’m excited, I’m also scared. Somebody said do something that scares you every day, because this is what life is about, exploring our visions, taking extreme decisions, deep breathing, chances. I have put together this small list of things that are priority for me to accomplish in this 2014. I hope you have your own as well.

  1. Get things done with time. Don´t wait until the last minute for it.
  2. I want to travel and challenge myself to learn a new language.
  3. Run more
  4. Laugh until I cry. (I miss this one)
  5. Don´t stress out too much about always look and be perfect.
  6. I want to read more classics and watch less TV.
  7. Try one of those Juice cleansers for a week.
  8. Plan an exotic vacation.
  9. Drink more tea and less coffee (this is a tough one)
  10. Re-connect with old friends.

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