Big Girls Talk!

Big Girls Talk!

A Want to Home



A thousand things come to mind when you think about your perfect home. Some girls adore the city vibe, the yellow cabs ( Manhattan ) after midnight, the noise, the cosmopolitan urban crowds. Others prefer to establish themselves in areas that allow them to have bigger spaces and tall ceilings, so maybe they can get a big dog, or a pool. No matter what the case we all have a dreamy idea of how that place will be, the smell of it, the colors of the kitchen, the texture of your bed sheets and the million things you will buy to decorate it. And for those like me that all their lives have been renting places here and there, the first owned house is a big deal, and the money to create that dream may be a huge concern.

Today I want to share with you a little bit about this journey since I found myself at that stage, and I have being encouraged by Providing loans a wonderful team of people supporting dream like mine to do so. Kabbage specializes in building a better solution for small businesses providing loans and lines of credit to pursue either your perfect house or that great idea you have been thinking to bring alive.

Look for inspiration, I know you must already have an idea of what you are looking for, or you may not, so in both cases just go on line and look for decor inspiration, materials, colors, there is so much to see, and it really helps to get a better sense of what you want. I save on my laptop, the ones I really feel could do well in my space to show to my constructor later. I have at the moment folders with floors, windows, kitchen counters, lighting and many more. So it also helps him to guide me in the right direction with what can work well and what is really out of proportion. Get some inspiration of Home decor ideas and check The design files.

Here are tips I can give you about my short experience in the building world. I really hope they can be a helpful hand for you.

  • My first recommendation for you is to hear every piece of advice that you can get, either from family members, friends or experts. I honestly encourage you to talk to people, you will be amazed at how many ideas they can provide, especially headaches you will save, just because somebody warns you. I’m fortunate enough to have friends that have already been in my shoes so I learn from their experiences and even get contacts from them.
  • You don’t have to buy everything. A wonderful feeling is to create something for yourself, especially something that will look great, will save you money, and would be a talking subject when your friends visit you (Click on the picture for tutorial). Find many other DIY projects here.
  • Subscribe to stores you love. Right now I’m very obsessed about getting a wine cellar for the bar and it’s extremely expensive, so I went to the store and spoke with the manager about the product I love. She told me about dates of sale of the store and took my email to be invited to one of their events with 30% discount.  The same thing online, you can create wish lists and when an item gets a discount they let you know. Magic.

The wonderful thing about building your own place is that you get to make every decision of the final result, and the process so far has given me the sense to accomplish something. I really believe what this phrase at the beginning says, Live a I want to live, because girls, life is damn to short not to do so. Xoxo

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    I ended up actually liking the way in which the tones performed off one another so I left it.

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