Champagne and Cupcakes

Peggy Porschen London champagne and cupcakes

I am a constant wondered, I continuously question subjects across life situations, changes, why things are that way, why the world works the way it does, and an extensive list of whys.

Sometimes I find myself driving in the morning to work and thinking: why do the trees stop growing at that height? Or, Why did Kate Spade have to die so young?

I love meeting people with deep thoughts, deep thinkers and interacting with older people is always so interesting to me. When I was single, I used to always ask them the same question: “How did you know he/she was the one?” You should try it some time, you will be amazed by the answers you receive.

champagne and cupcakes
White style fashion champagne and cupcakes

There is this quote I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, particularly for all the big changes of this past year. I look at the world we live in, so demanding, so full of challenges, pushing us and requesting more and more. Always introducing us to the next thing. We need some unbiased guidance! or at least I feel like it.

Anyways, I am pretty sure you have read it a million times before, it’s by Confucius and the quote is: ” Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” think about it.

Lately I found myself saying it over and over again and reminding myself to appreciate the present. Not to focus on the things we still haven’t been able to obtain, or the projects we haven’t been able to achieve, but this moment that we won’t get back. Life is simple, most importantly, life is beautiful if you make it beautiful.

White style fashion

Forgive me for the “rolling on the deep” kind of post, but it’s a little like Ross Geller said: “You are assembling bones, your mind wonders”. In other news, I am so excited that I found out one of my best friends is visiting in September. We also received excellent news today about a place we have our eye on. Cannot wait to tell you more once we have something more concrete.

White style fashion
champagne and cupcakes
Peggy Porschen London

I am so happy to show you this place in London. It is the perfect place to meet up with a girlfriend to have a cup of tea and the most delicious cupcakes you will ever eat in your life, and I am not even into cupcakes.

You get your champagne as well, because what kind of afternoon tea doesn’t involve champagne and cupcakes? Anyways, the place is called Peggy Porchen and it’s a little piece of heaven, you combine the delicious cupcakes with the perfect July birthday bouquet, like this gorgeous one from Prestige Flowers and you win yourself the title of best friend ever.

White style fashion
White look
White style fashion
White style fashion
Beauitful afternoo tea

Thank you Prestige Flowers for Sponsoring this post.

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  1. September 29, 2019 / 04:17

    Nice and dainty little shop. Thanks for sharing!

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