Lazy days of Summer


Did you ever had a very lazy weekend? You know the type of weekend when you have nothing planned, and you just go with flow, and don’t pay attention to the clock anymore? You may found yourself having a relax iced coffee at noon in a random outdoor cafe, or a bite around four p.m because you just decided that. A couple of weekends ago Andrew and I walked around this beautiful city enjoying every corner, and every bite of it. Breathing in the astonish atmosphere of these ancient side walks; you can almost smell the white and purple of the buildings, very detail of the architecture has a story to tell and you read it slowly, absorbing the nights and the mornings of every face of the past. This is a place that inspire you in many ways, and it’s definitely a new experience finding your way around it. I’m still pretty new here, but as I spend more and more days discovering it, I found that wonderful experiences are waiting ahead.

Besides walking around per hours, we had a fabulous lunch at La Terrassa a Spanish restaurant, in Vltava river with the most amazing view of the city, there is nothing like lunching in the river. What I love the most about Spanish cuisine is that particular flavor that is added to any dish, not matter how simple as a Cesar salad, it was by far the most delicious Cesar salad I have had in Prague. The castle is a must for it’s particular beauty, and the gardens surrounding it. These are some pictures I was able to captured that day, and it feels so great to comeback to them and remember the feeling of relaxation and looseness that they meant, enjoying lazy days of Summer. Totally something I recommend you to do, slow down and enjoy the moment. Happy Friday everyone! Xoxo.


  1. November 2, 2015 / 08:28

    Thank you for your comments everyone! it was a fun weekend indeed. Xoxo Sardis.

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