Mercedes-benz Fashion week Prague

Mercedes-benz Fashion week Prague









Hello everyone! and happy Tuesday! Today I want to share with you some pictures from Mercedes-Benz Fashion week 2015 that took place last week here in Prague. I had the pleasure to assist to the shows of Designer Denisa Nova, and the Czech fashion brand Chatty. Last Saturday, both surprisingly original in their own style. This was my first time participating and being introduce to Fashion week in this part of Europe, so from the venue, the music and the people to the construction of the clothing itself, everything suggested a new perspective, wonderful to explore.

The show was settle in Ostrov Štvanice and the runway was set in an outdoor skate park, providing different angles and a more casual catwalk than the ones I’m used to. From Chatty and outstanding evolution of the Bond girls Jean fabrics mixed with latex dedicating particular attention to the sexy aspect of it,  but resulting in classic models looking stunning. From Denisa, a more sophisticated movement with soft silks in nude tones, and loose cuts. I’m always curious of how much Czechs love to wear white shoes and sneakers, I have been seeing it so much not only in the runways, but in the streets as well. It is amazing how different cities have their own identities.

I hope these pictures help you have a glimpse into what is happening in Fashion in this corner of the world. It was definitely an experience to be a part of it, and I hope you guys enjoyed it as well. Don’t forget to followme on my Instagram account for more photos and videos about Fashion week. Have a great rest of the week guys! Xoxo

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