Tea time with Your Tea

Hello there! One of my favorites times of the day is when I get to have a break and drink some tea, I like to grab my magazine, a cozy blanket and read it while having a cup of delicious tea, I also use that time to read my correspondence and lately writing some postcards that I have to send soon, since I have been in Prague for a few months by now. I’m constantly in the search for new flavors and different recipes. From winter to summer my choices change and every start of the season I found myself walking to Tea stores to check out what is new. I started drinking tea when I was in college, a friend of mine recommended it since I was having some issues concentrating, later I started having tones of green tea to lose some wait, and since then I never really stopped, one of my latest favorites is Chai.

Recently I discovered YourTea, a wonderful world of teas from the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Their philosophy is quite simple; They believe in treating your body with love and respect. As such, their blends have been designed to deliver you pure and simple, natural solutions so you can achieve wellness. They have many different types of tea, and other products as well, like travel mugs and lovely gift boxes. I’m currently having Tiny tea, but I can’t wait to try the hangover tea, the sleep tea and why not the sex tea 😉 they even have one special tea for the men in your life. The best part, they deliver straight to your door steps, wonderful. Please take a look a this wonderful website and enjoy a delightful cup of tea. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Xoxo

Thank you Your Tea, for sponsoring this post.


  1. September 9, 2015 / 15:40

    Gorgeous photos. I’ll have to check out the tea brand!

  2. September 10, 2015 / 08:34

    Thank you ladies! ISA Professional, what amazing products you have in your site! is the free international shipping for real?? Xoxo

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