Brunch at the Savoy

Brunch at the Savoy

Brunch at the Savoy with my friend

Brunch at the Savoy Brunch at the Savoy







Brunch at the Savoy

Good morning everyone and not so happy Monday. I had such a great weekend, Sundays are meant for brunch and best friends talk, and that is exactly what I did yesterday when we had brunch at the Savoy. The timeless Cafe Savoy has been on my bucket list since I moved to Prague, so I was happy to finally try it.  Café Savoy is an art nouveau gem that dates back to 1893 and is a monument to Prague’s rich history. The café is very airy and open with tall windows that allow you to look out and watch the world go by while you relax and enjoy freshly brewed coffee. Once a decadent coffeehouse, Café Savoy was a favorite smoky haunt after the Velvet Revolution. The Savoy was cleaned up in late 2001, and most recently reconstructed in 2005, but stayed true to its Art Nouveau past. From Trip advisor.

I had the Savoy breakfast and my friend had the French breakfast both fantastic, mine came with the most the delicious hot chocolate and chocolate croissant, and my friend’s had sausages and cheese and fries, also delicious. I seriously ate so much that I couldn’t have anything else during the day, of course drinks!

I have to say the temperature yesterday in Prague was one hundred percent perfect, we loved walking near the cafe and also visited the installations of the Museum of modern art. And it’s just so much fun to catch up with friends especially if they look so cute like mine right? I hope you guys had a great weekend as well, and I have put together some of the clothing wearing yesterday in the board below. Xoxo


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