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London Weather
London Weather
London Weather
London Weather
London Weather

There are many things I love about the city, London weather is not one of them haha. As I was telling my mum over the phone the other day, I have to just get used to go “OUT” no matter the weather.

You won’t believe it but the day we took these pictures I was praying for the rain to stop for twenty minutes, and thank goodness it did!

It was still so wet and dull; and on days like these I personally don’t feel like doing anything else that doesn’t involve a warm blanket and Netflix.

But obviously if that was the case, living in the city, with London weather, I would have to do that every single day hahaha.

Anyways this is how I look when I am wearing four layers on these cold winter days. Also this coat is £26 (link below)

Covent Garden has become one of my favourite areas to walk. I found a little street full of old maps and art the other day, so charming.

I am so excited for the weekend as our flat hunting continues and we will see a few places and hopefully we get to see another area of this wonderful city.

To all my readers from London, do you have a neighbourhood that you love? or an area you think is the best? I will love to hear your thoughts!

I hope you guys like this look and have a fantastic weekend. xoxo

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